About us

1.61 Design

Being in an era with an outburst of design, creativity is the key to success. Keeping in mind the design traditions, staying up-to-date with the latest design trends, taking into consideration your consumers and your customers and designing with a modernistic approach; we put in our heart and soul to make sure that we give you an uber creative design panorama that takes puts you in the league, a few notches higher.

Professional designer, who is well versed with the industry and possesses an outstanding skill set. But skill alone does not make a good designer. We are designer designers know how to combine our skills, our intellect and approach in order to create a classic design.

For us, your company isn’t a mere entity, it’s a strong, living, breathing body with an identity, with an image that needs to projected correctly and reflected in all its components. And because we treat your business like our baby, we succeed in serving you in the best possible ways. After all, a satisfied client is always the greatest award.

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